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The project to restore the Brighton Belle was launched at the National Railway Museum in June 2009. Since then, the dilapidated motor cars and trailers - more than 80 years old - have been progressively restored by the professional rail engineering firms, Rampart Engineering and Pindari, in the Brighton Belle Shed at Barrow Hill, near Chesterfield.
Craftsmen from Wheathills of Derby have lovingly restored the magnificent marquetry panels with their rare veneers. The fine silver anodised Art Deco hat racks, lamps, handles and fittings have been returned to peerless finish. And the original, deep moquette, seat fabrics have been woven for us by the original supplier, Holdsworth, on their looms in Hopton Mills. Visit our News page to keep up
to date with progress.
We are bringing back the Brighton Belle - not for a museum or heritage line, but to the British mainline...where she can delight the travelling public once again. Piece by piece, we are  recreating the same glorious Art Deco splendour she was in when she left the Saltley Works in 1932. Not just for today, but for our future generations to enjoy.
We were told it simply couldn't be done, but all of the technical challenges have been met. But, the final bill will amount to £6 million - we really do need your help. You can make a one-off donation here via our secure online server.
Or why not become a Friend of the Belle by making regular monthly payments? Click on the Donate button for full details and benefits. We can finish this project together!
We expect to conduct mainline proving trials in the final quarter of 2017, after which we will launch a mainline excursion programme. What a moment in history! Following the return of the Flying Scotsman last year, the other great inter-war train - the Brighton Belle  - will soon be back on the rails again. Follow our news pages for details of when you can book seats for a unique  excursion, complete with meal service.
We will recreate the magic of fine rail dining in the 1930s, complete with attentive white jacketed Pullman stewards and those sumptuous surroundings. Our  partner is the highly respected UK Railtours, which has been successfully operating rail charters and excursions on the British mainline for over thirty years. Visit  their website here ; and download their brochure from here.
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